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Fort Worth/Dallas Jail Release Lawyer

Immediate Jail Release Assistance Available 24/7

Have you just received "that" phone call? Has a friend or loved one been arrested and taken to the City or County Jail? Fort Worth/Dallas criminal defense lawyer David Owens knows how to help them and what can be done to bail them out of jail.

If you are trying to get someone out of jail in the D/FW area, then call us for immediate assistance. We answer our phones 24/7 to help secure the release of your friend or loved one from the City or County Jail. To get immediate help and to make this process as quick and painless as possible, call (817) 860-8888.

Setting Bail or a Bond Amount

Once a defendant or inmate has been booked into the County Jail, his/her bail amount is decided either through a preset bail schedule or a magistrate. If the latter, then the Magistrate Judge will likely consider both the present charges and the defendant's past criminal history (if any) to determine both the type of bail bond and the bond amount. Texas law guarantees all criminal defendants who are jailed awaiting trial the right to bail, except in capital murder cases. There three types of bail bonds: Personal Bonds, Cash Bonds and Surety Bonds.

Jail release procedures vary depending on whether an inmate has been booked in the Tarrant or Dallas County system. Inmates jailed at the Tarrant County Corrections Center may be released for $20.00 or 3% of the bond amount, whichever is greater, if they meet certain qualifications. Dallas County requires you to pay to the courts 10% of the total amount that was set in order for you to get discharged from jail. Inmates in the Dallas County Jail who aren't bailed out can earn time off for good behavior.

Personal Bond

The Tarrant County Pretrial Release Program is a personal bond office designed to help individuals who live in Tarrant County or the surrounding counties to obtain jail release. If the individual meets the necessary qualifications, then he/she will be required to pay a $20 PR Bond fee. The Pretrial Release Office uses strict criteria to determine if a person is eligible for a personal bond, and the chances of an unrepresented person being approved for a Personal Bond in Tarrant County are not very good. You can contact Attorney David Owens at (817) 860-8888 to discuss possible representation.

The time of release from jail may vary according to the jail population and where the client is housed. The average time for release is about three hours. However, when someone is arrested late at night or very early in the morning, they usually will not be seen by a magistrate to have their bond amount set until the following day or sometimes even later. Most people in jail want to be released as soon as possible. To help your friend or loved one get out of the Tarrant or Dallas County Jail much sooner, retain an attorney who can work to speed up the jail release process and potentially help them qualify for a personal bond.

Cash Bail Bond

A cash bond simply means depositing the full amount of the bail bond with the County. Bail may be posted for inmates at the Tarrant County Corrections Center at any time, 24 hours a day, at the Bond Desk. The Tarrant County Jail does not accept cash for bail. Dallas County allows you to post an inmate's bond via Western Union money wire service. See their web site for more information.

Cash Bonds are usually the most expensive type of bail bond and hence are often not the best bail option for someone trying to be released from jail. The bail bond money remains deposited with the County until the case is resolved, which could be a very long time.

Surety Bonds (Bail Bondsman)

Sometimes it is necessary to hire a bail bondsman to assure the bond amount before someone is released from jail. Bail bondsmen in the D/FW area typically charge 10%-20% of the bail bond amount to get someone out of jail. A bail bondsman will usually require someone to cosign the bail bond, and the cosigner will be personally liable for the total amount of the bond in the event that the bond is revoked or forfeited. A cosigner may even have to offer collateral worth up to twice as much as the bail bond amount.

As a result, this can be the most expensive option in getting someone released from jail. Also, the money used to hire a bail bondsman can never be put toward the attorney's fees in a case. We may be able to apply part or all of the jail release fee towards the legal fees in representing the accused in the criminal matter that led to the arrest if lawyer David Owens is retained for the criminal case. However, if the case warrants and it becomes necessary to hire a local bail bonds company, then our office will work closely with the bail bond company to secure the release of your friend or loved one.


How long does it take to get out of jail?

The simple answer to this question is that it depends on the circumstances. Different jails have different procedures. A person has to be booked into the jail, and all the necessary documentation has to be turned in and completed. Depending on various factors, including the time of day and the number of people in jail that have to be processed, it could be more than 24 hours before a bond amount is even set.

However, the good news is that, in most circumstances, an attorney is able to get someone out of jail much more quickly and at less expense than someone who does not call an attorney. Attorneys licensed in the State of Texas can speak with the client in jail, collect the necessary information, fill out the bond paperwork and even meet with a judge and request that bond be set. At The Owens Law Firm, we can prioritize our client's cases, speak with a judge, get a bond amount set and do whatever is legally possible to help get the client released in short order.

Once bail is posted, the client will be released as soon as he/she is discharged. Getting discharged from jail can take a few minutes, a few hours or all day. Realistically, a person will probably be in custody for at least six hours before he or she can be released. It will usually take 4-6 hours for somebody to be released from jail once the judge signs the bail bond and the lawyer turns it into Central Booking. However, having an attorney working hard to get the client out of jail can make the process much quicker and as painless as possible.

What can I do?

Chances are you may have never been to jail before or been on the receiving end of a phone call from someone who has. However, we are familiar with this process and have the experience needed to guide you through the process and to help get your friend or loved one released from the City or County Jail. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can get started on the release of your loved one.

What does this cost?

Our fee to get a client out of jail depends upon a number of factors; as everyone's situation is different, and each case is unique. For example, if the person in jail is a repeat offender, then our fee may be higher than it would in other cases because it requires more work to get someone out of jail than it does to get someone has never been arrested before released.

Based on our experience, we can usually give you an idea of what the anticipated fee will be and tell you what is needed to secure a client's release from jail. We accept all major credit cards over the phone.

Where is the County Jail?


Both Tarrant and Dallas County have multiple county jails. To find out where an inmate is being held, go to if the inmate is in the Tarrant County System or if the inmate is in the Dallas County system.

The Dallas County Jail is located on the 8th - 12th floors of the George Allen, Sr. Courts Building, 600 Commerce St., Dallas, TX 75202. The phone number is 214-653-6092. Another jail facility is located across I-35 at 111 Commerce Street, Dallas, TX 75207. Detailed directions are available via Google Map.

The Tarrant County Corrections Center is located at 100 N. Lamar St., Fort Worth, TX 76102. The phone number is 817-884-3116. Other facilities are located throughout Fort Worth. Detailed directions are available via Google Map.

Whether it's day or night or on the weekend, we are available 24/7 to help secure the release of your friend or loved one from jail. For immediate help and to make this process as quick and painless as possible, call (817) 860-8888.

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